Tahboub Corporate Social Responsibility

Tahboub group places great value on its social responsibility and believes that the group’s business ethics are integral to its continued success. Since its establishment, the Group is committed to several social causes including the rights of People with Disabilities (PWDs), youth employability and other social and community organizations/causes. Tahboub Group’s societal support was distinguished in the following:

According to the Jordanian Labor Law “Each institution of less than 50 employees has to employ one disabled person, while a 4 per cent rate of People with Disabilities (PWDs) should be recorded at institutions with more than 50 employees”. Tahboub Group has been a pioneer in the area of the employment of People with Disabilities in Jordan through the following endeavors:

1) Since the year 1989, the group has employed eight Persons with Disabilities occupying different professions, enjoying their equal rights with all other employees.

2) The representation of Tahboub Group’s experience in national conferences on the employment of PWDs in partnerships with the Japanese International Cooperation Association (JICA) and the Higher Council for People with Disabilities in Jordan (HCPWDs).

3) The promotion of the employment of PWDs through the Group’s participation in workshops held by JICA, the HCPWDs and the Chamber of Industry in Jordan.

4) Supporting the “I am Human” Non- Governmental Organization (NGO) which aims at promoting the rights and inclusion of People with Disabilities in several life sectors in Jordan.

5) Supporting the “Orient Spirit” association on-the-job training/ internship programme where three students with mental disabilities have been training at the Tahboub kitchens factory under the supervision of their teacher.

Tahboub Group has been proud to support the Wadi Al-Seer Technical School at the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). An agreement with UNRWA has been signed to enhance the refugee’s youth employability. Moreover, Tahboub International Supplies (T.I.S) has donated a set of home appliances for the UNRWA Technical School to support their on-the-job training programme at the Wadi Al Seer Technical School.

1) Supporting “Hopes for Women’s Education” NGO through the establishment their productive kitchen for the “Sitti Soap” project; a project that aims at building the capacity of underprivileged refugee women at their location at the Gaza Camp in Jerash, Jordan.

2) Contribution to the fund raising event of “Ru’yana” NGO which supports different projects in the city of Al-Tafeeleh – South of Jordan.

3) Contribution to the fundraising event of the “Palestinian Heritage Center” NGO.

4) Random financial support for the King Hussein Cancer Center.

Since its establishment, Tahboub Group has been committed to the annual distribution of food package boxes to their factory employees during the holy month of Ramadan.

In an attempt to strengthen the social relations between employees and to enhance their feeling of commitment, Tahboub Group has supported the participation of their employees at the annual private sector football competition. The team has proudly won the championship several times.